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Paradox Book Review
Police Chief Ty Christie witnesses a murder in the small town of Willicot; when she calls divers in to locate the body, dozens of human bones are discovered under the water, along with a unique belt buckle that may lead to the discovery of the identities of those bones.

Pressing the Issue Book Review
Jenna Hart's Cookbook Nook is bustling during the annual Renaissance Fair. Unfortunately, one of her friends is murdered, and she takes plenty of her time amateur sleuthing, which she's pretty good at. Hopefully she can find the murderer before there's another victim.

Murder Most Southern Book Review
Lurleen talks Ditie into participating in a cooking contest put on by a famous television cook. The competition is held in a town close to where Lurleen grew up. Unfortunately the host's husband is murdered, and Ditie tries to solve it.

After Anna Book Review
Noah and Maggie are very happily married until Maggie's 17 year old daughter, Anna, comes to live with them.. She is murdered and Noah is accused; things are not as they appear, and the book is very suspenseful.

Nogged Off Cozy Book Review
Julia Snowden invites her would-be subletter, Imogene, to her home in Busman's Harbor, Maine after Imogene accidentally poisons her coworkers with her "Killer Eggnog." Imogene can't go back to work, and the lease is off. Her belongings arrive with the dead body of Imogene's dead boyfriend.

Under My Skin Book Review
Things are great for Poppy and Jack, until Jack is murdered during his morning run and the case remains unsolved. Things are not as they appear as Poppy tries to solve the murder.

The Wife Before Me Book Review
Nicholas Madison is still obsessed with his dead wife Amelia, and his new love, Elena, has trouble coping. Nicholas is ultra charming but behind closed doors, it is a different story; his jealousy and narcissism is unbearable for Elena, and she may not even escape with her life.

The Book of Candlelight Book Review
The four friends in the Secret, Book, & Scone Society are back and are solving a murder. Nora, as usual, takes the lead as the head amateur sleuth, and discovers plenty of new things about the town of Miracle Springs, as well as several suspects.

A Spell in France Book Review
Sylvie is excited when her new husband Trevor suggests a holiday in Nice, and looks forward to boosting their romantic relationship. However, Trevor disappears, and Sylvie is certain that things are not as they appear.

Death of a Blueberry Tart Book Review
Haley, Mona, and Liddy are amateur sleuthing to find who murdered their mothers' classmate, Caskie Lemon-Hogg; Haley's mother is the main suspect, but Caskie caused trouble with others, so there are plenty of suspects.

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